VCV rak is a great opened software and a lot of users choose it because it's free.
In view to share his work and contribute to the VCV rack community, Hora music offers free versions of their plugins.
These free versions correspond to what has been done if the development were based on a hobbyist work rate.

The nine free plugins include these modules:

- Analog hi hat,
- Analog soft bell,
- Analog snare,
- 8 voices mixer,
- Frequency divider,
- Delay,
- Envelope follower,
- "Amplitude" VCA/Mixer/Polarizer,
- "Twin Quartet" Quadrature LFO.
- PCM drum module (LinnDrum).

This link to VCV store show all available free hora plugins.


MANUAL for drums mixer and sequencers

Here is a first plugin made with geco (V0.6.2) All the files and code are as they were exported. No files has been manually transfered and no code has been been manually modified.

This is open source and host on the
Hora Music Github repository. The plugin offers a wave table VCO a signal recorder, a 4 steps sequencer and a low pass filter.


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