Hora music is a "one person company" (Raphaël Hoffman) from Beglium offering VCV rack plugins, two alternative firmwares for the eurorack module "music thing modular - radio music" and  working on hardware eurorack modules.
The Hora rack plugins cover classical synthesis modules, drums modules, an advanced drum sequencer, effects and mixing.

The lattest plugin release for VCV is Detour,


This synth offers an advanced model of the Vector Phaseshaping Synthesis and CV inputs for every parameters.
The vision that has guided the Detour's development is based on researches as part of a hardware digital synth's project.

This model has been selected for the wide sound variety it can produce compare to the needed CPU load.

The vision of this is also influenced by 80s phase distortion synthesizers and the sound can be very closed to the classiccasio CZ series.

The specific sound of detour is due to the model that can cover the classical PDS setting (and more), to the filter and to the internal
envelope generator.

The ADSR is a bit different from those usually developed for eurorack/VCV modules and the VPS model is exploited in a specific way
which offer to set two inflection points.

You can refer to this paper from the IRCAM for more thechnical details about the VPS:


Hora develops also the official  Erica Synths rack plugins.

Here are some news about it:

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