(we actualy offer one Firmware but more will come soon).
Complex VCO fimrware for Music Thing Modular "radio music" or "chord organ"


What is Complex VCO V0.1?

It is an alternative firmware for the music thing modular "radio music" or "chord organ" module. This used a teensy 3.1 and the complex oscillator code is made with the vult transcompiler just like our complex oscillator developed for VCV rack: hora-music.com
It allows to morph between sin and tri waveforms and fold these 2, 4, 8 or 16 times to generate commplex waveform that offer richer harmonics content.


Concerning the 1V/oct CV input:

Due to some hardware limites the pitch CV input can received 3.3V, then the input range is 3.3 octaves and the 1v/oct response isn't perfect but enough to be usable in musical pieces to create melodies on a range of about 3 octaves. The frequency pot is locked about 1 sec after turning it to avoid pitch unstablity caused by the teensy adc unstability.

Load the firmware:

Put this files in a folder named "teensy-vult-osc". Place this folder in your sketch depositary, install the teensy audio library if needed. Open teensy-vult-osc.ino (with the ARDUINO IDE) and upload the sketch with this setting: card: teensy 3.1-3.2
CPU speed: 96 MHZ (overclock)
USB type: serial.

All needed is hosted on this https://github.com/HoRaMusic/RadioMusic-ComplexVCO

Here is a video showing how to use the module.
Two features has been added:

  • - A long press and hold the button allows to set the fine tune of the VCO by turning the frequency knob.
  • -  A very long press allow to record the current VCO setting, the recorded setting is automatically loaded when starting(powering) the module.
       (pitch satbility and Anti aliasing have been improved since the video release, the VCO sound smoother and less noisy).