Here will be posted news, tips and experiments about hora music softwares.

The erica synths developed by hora are available now no the VCV store, here are some news about it.

Hora Music will release "Geco" soon.
Geco offers to create plugins by using a nodes editor a bit like in synth edit.
It allows to easily create both DSP and Graphical parts of the development. All the sources and needed files for the plugin are automatically generated by Geco and ready to compile.

This Video show Geco making a VCF module in twelve minutes.


This software is made for:

  • - People that has never code a line of code.
  • - Developers who want to avoid annoying parts of the development.
  • - Real hardware module developers that want to copy and distribute or just test a software  
  • version of their ideas for coming or existing modules.
  • This will be commercial but a free limited version will be offer too. 
    Here are some patching ideas from Omri Cohen for the spectral processor.
    Here is an ambiant generative patch using the "VCO-VCF-VCA" plugin (Pure, timbre, and amplitude) by Omri Cohen

    Here is a test of our synthesis module (VCO and VCF) making a bit agressive bass line.
    Here is a generative patch made of hora modules and others playing "Veridis quo" (Daft Punk).

    Using of the new VCO as an audio effect (volatge controlled wave folder) that can give harmonics or distord the signal in a very specific way. The patch use Hora music sequencer and drums, the trigger outputs of the sequencer are mixed to trig an ADSR that control the folding intensity of the VCO.
    Here is a hardware drum machine project that will be designed/developed in parallel with plugins developement and will probably take a long time to be finished (design and devlopement). No decision has been taken about distributing, maybe it will be a complete drum machine or maybe only the sources, PCB and instrucions will be supplied to allows DIYers to build/modify it.
    The projects is based on a teensy and audio shield.
    It used tensy audio library but many drum sounds are based on analog modeling developed with the vut dsp transcompiler.
    The goal is to make a funny to used programmable drum machine with patterns memory , at least 8 instruments, 8 patterns, common usefull features such as fill triggering, accent,...
    The 8 sounds will be developed with different techniques like samples, vult analog modeling or synthesized with audio teensy audio library.    


    This was the very test of drum sequencers and drums modules on V 0.4. 
    This very first release of hora music (on November 2017) is the starting point of o long modules series that is still growing...


    A little patch that show how to acheive a song with hora modules and how to use these with some others.

    Here is a video explaining the basic features of the "hora" drums sequencers. It was made with version 0.4 but all this features are still available on the lastest version.


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